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Good Morning –

The Pioneers have been enjoying the Jerusalem area the last few days.While the first couple weeks of the trip was action packed physically, the last few days have been focused on their intellectual and spiritual growth enjoying Jerusalem and its diverse areas and history.

Today, they connected to our State’s history but standing in the location where Ben Gurion Declared the State of Israel (https://youtu.be/6ZDSBF5xtoo ~40 seconds in) – They had tours on site and gave their own presentations in the Jewish Agency based on topics and research they did on their own in preparation for today. In this historical building they discussed and understood government issues and how they come to decisions. They learned about our struggles both in and out of the state and how that affects who we are today and the country that we are building on a daily basis. The understood how the only way we build today and in the future is to understand the sacrifice and foundation that has been laid down by those before us.

Unified & Strong,

The ILEAD Team

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