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Please see below personal blog by Esther Sabbagh who spent the last few days and Shabbat with the Pioneers.

We settled into Shabbat and everyone showed up refreshed and hungry. During dinner the group naturally joined other hotel guests table and the singing began…it went on and on and was absolutely amazing.

I got acquainted with the staff and I can now understand why the group has gotten so close to them. Each staff member brings its own attributes to the program and has truly connected with each child. Teaching and supporting them with kindness each step of the way.  They are in awe of your children and all the challenges they have overcome in such a short time.

Saturday night came with basketball games, food, and great music. The pioneers loved being out and about in Jerusalem.

We arranged a early walk to the Kotel and Hadaya jewelry at 5am Sunday morning. The counselors told me “you’ll see,  they’ll be tired, they’ll back out”.  Imagine, the elevator doors opened to 22 pioneers, waiting for me! We stopped at Hedaya and Shira, the owner, had tears in her eyes when she said “her late husbands legacy was for the children to have a connection Eretz Israel. She said she has never seen such a special group come through her doors, they are so polite, so soft spoken” She explained she came in special for them and it made her so happy.

I just said goodbye to them. Not for long as they’ll be home soon enough. I enjoyed all their constructive comments, all their questions and all their laughter. They are making ILEAD proud.

Unified & Strong,

The ILEAD Team

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