The iLead Fellowship Program in Israel

ILEAD 2.0: Launched

What is ILEAD 2.0?

ILEAD 2.0 is a leadership course for alumni studying in Israel for the year. It allows them to apply their spiritual growth in the Beit Midrash to the world outside. We achieve growth together by taking controversial topics and diving into them and learning all the perspectives.

Strong leaders know how to examine dilemmas from all sides and to combine ideology with facts in order to make hard decisions. We take the classroom to the streets, immersing ourselves in the topic in experiential fashion. The fellowship meets once every 3-4 weeks for a full day trip in Israel.

Leaders don’t run away from controversy. They swim through it.

See. Listen. React.




  • The Ilead alumni program in Israel is a great hands on experience that teaches us how to dive into a problem, dissect it, and take a definitive stance...It was unlike any other learning experience that I've ever had as it allowed us to get to the root of the issue in order to develop unbiased opinions.

    Nathan Lati
  • I experienced Israel in ways I never would have if not for this program. I hear different views and different perspectives that challenged me to re-evaluate my opinions.

    Danielle Ashkenazie
  • This year I got the opportunity to learn in Israel. In addition, once a month, a group of former Ilead participants got together for enjoyable and enlightening trips. Not only were the trips we went on educational, but they provided a comforting sense of hominess because many of the people on the trip are friends from home.

    Cynthia Benun
  • I've personally been to Israel many times in my life. I have done all the tours you probably have done and will do on the classic bar mitzvah trips, but nothing compares to Ilead's program. They show you issues you never knew existed, they show you angles of an issue that shed light on the issue itself. It's an amazing eye opening experience tackling some serious challenges head on in our homeland Israel.

    Isaac Steinberg
  • Every time we met up, I came back to midrasha with a different perspective, and something new to think about as I went to sleep that night. I remember being in awe after each day, wondering how it was possible to not have been informed about the topic we were discussing until now.

    Esther Bildirici