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Good Morning,

Please see below personal blog from Isadore Haber and Leo Tebele on their experience yesterday hiking Ein Akev:

“Throughout our experience in the ILEAD program thus far, we had to overcome many challenges. Whether it’s climbing a mountain, waking up early, or family activities the program is training us to surpass the obstacles that lie within our path. Today, while waking up at 4 AM and embarking on a six-hour hike we stopped for a break at a spring. In the spring, Shilo challenged all the boys that were swimming to a contest. The contest was to be the last person standing with his hands above the water while continuously swimming with their feet. Whoever was able to do that would be gifted with the opportunity to jump into the spring from a ledge. Within the first minute 4 out of the seven boys couldn’t handle the challenge and dropped out immediately. After ten minutes the remaining three were told to sing the star-spangled banner and a minute later sing the Ha-Tikvah while still treading. This made it a little more challenging, but we were all able to stay resistant. After about 15 minutes we were told to put our hands on our heads, while keeping our elbows out of the water increasing the difficulty tremendously. After doing it for several minutes one of the boys dropped out. After about 20 full minutes of tirelessly treading the water, Shilo decided through our hard effort and determination that we should both be able to jump from the ledge. It was painful and extremely difficult, but in the end it was all worth it to soar through the sky in that one moment. ”

Unified & Strong,

The ILEAD Team

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