ILEAD 2019: Snapshot: A View into a Day on ILEAD

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Good Morning,

Every year Parents ask, what does a typical day look like on ILEAD? And we always answer every day is like a week. In actuality, every day has a location, activity and objective of what we are looking to achieve with the Pioneers. Below is yesterday’s. Hope it gives you a snapshot into the Pioneers experience on a daily basis… times it by 30!. Enjoy:

ILEAD 2019 – Tuesday, July 30th

Objective: Pioneers to experience and follow our Forefathers in their estate area – Through Farming, Shepherding and Connecting to the land through our hands. .

5:30: Wake Up

7:00 Grape Harvest

8:30 Ancient Susya

10:30 Breakfast in the Cafe’

11:30 Winery Tour & Squeeze Grapes for Juice

1:00 Me’arat Hamakhpela

3:00 Lunch

3:30 Sheperding Workshop

5:00 Pasteurize & Bottle Grapes for use on Shabbat

7:30 Back at Farm / Wash Up

8:15 Dinner

9:30 – Phones

Unified & Strong,

The ILEAD Team

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