Zayit Hamidbar, Ein Akev Sunrise Hike

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Good Morning,

The Pioneers are all ‘cleared’ up and staying in a beautiful Desert Olive farm called ‘Zayit Hamidbar’ that is located in Sde Boker in the south of Israel. They are enjoying their accommodations in Teepees and the oasis of the Negev.

Some Pioneers woke extra early this morning to start a hike at the crack of dawn. The hiked down to the Ein Akev spring and enjoyed waking up the sun, watching sunrise and praying in beautiful scenery. They then continued on to visit Ben Gurion’s grave and have a great day ahead of them that will include a Master Chef like competition.

Pics from yesterday and of those that participated in the hike took some beautiful pictures that have been uploaded to our ILEAD 2019 Album.

Unified & Strong,

The ILEAD Team

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