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The Pioneers spent some time in Gush Etzion today on a special project that is dear to our Program Coordinator, Reuel.  Reuel’s brother with down syndrome lives in Sadnat Shiluv. The Pioneers had a tour of the facilities and worked on the site with the students and staff. They spent some time clearing an area to plant fruit trees (check out pics for visuals).

Sadnat Shiluv which is an integration project in Gush Etzion that helps special needs individuals who “fall between the cracks” and need a customized personal program.  The guiding principle of the “Sadna” is that a person is defined not according to his needs and/or disabilities but, rather, according to his ability to contribute and be productive. The association operates a special education school that currently has 60 students with differing degrees of disabilities and a career training program for special needs young adults age 21 that includes training in our bakery, stables, animal corner, cafe and more.

They also had the opportunity to ride ATV’s in the Gush and see the magnificent greenery and views from above.

And oh yeh, one small thing…. Remember yesterday how we emailed about the Pioneers seeing our history and where the first Prime Minister Ben Gurion declared the State of Israel? Right after that, they actually were led by Yaakov Hagoel (Vice Chairman of WZO) to accompany Bibi Netanyahu at the national arayat of Herzel. Don’t believe me? Check out the background of the pic below and some others in our album… See any familiar faces?

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