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Good Morning!

“Welcome to Survival Week. Tomorrow is Day 1!

Wake up is 5 am. Pack your knapsack (check pics for size) and say goodbye to all your bags for 2 nights and 3 days. Bring your clothes, sleeping bag, toothbrush and toothpaste, water, a spoon, a bowl and some toilet paper. The essentials. Oh and here is your food and utensils for the next few days.

We will break you into teams of 5 and we will hike to the top of Mt. Meron.”

The Pioneers were anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time! They started hiking on Sunday around 7am; after of course they emptied out half their bags because they packed too much and realized they would need to carry it on their backs!

They learned navigation with a compass and different points on their own (with the Leader by the Survival company)

They met a spring and went swimming to cool off.

At the end of their Day 1 journey, they ended at a campsite- and learned how to start a fire. They cooked rice and lentils, chopped vegetables, made pita. Camping rules: Even though they were super hungry, you don’t eat until everyone is done working and preparing the food.

They went to bed on mats and in sleeping bags under the ‘Million Star Hotel.’

The Pioneers have adapted to living outside and are well on their way of Day 2 by now.

(Please note, Verizon doesn’t have service in many of the areas they are hiking, and each guide is sending their own pics so if there aren’t tons of pics of your Pioneer yet, it is coming…)

Unified & Strong,

The ILEAD Team

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