ILEAD 2019 – “Celebrate good times… come on”

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Celebrate – / selebrãt/. Verb. To publicly acknowledge an event with a social gathering or enjoyable activity
After the tough and challenging week of Survival, on Wednesday night
the Pioneers got to enjoy their remarkable achievement with a
celebration on a boat with dinner and music. Sticking together through their teamwork they experienced what it is to celebrate together and enjoy an accomplishment both on an individual and family level.

Yesterday marked the middle point of the program for the Pioneers. They enjoyed some relaxation in Rosh Hanikrah and pools and it gave them an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on how much they have grown over the last couple of weeks. As important as it is to face what’s in front of you, it is just as important to take the proper space and thought to appreciate what you have experienced….to make it part of you.
Today they enjoyed the extreme sports and adventure park in Aco with fun activities and challenges and head to Jerusalem later for a beautiful Shabbat.
Unified & Strong,
The ILEAD Team
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